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Interact with your data

It's very easy to interact with data that get shown by adding an event listener to the display. Here we're going to change the style of the feature that the user clicks on so that it highlights in a different color.

  1. Define the style to use for the highlight

    var clickedFeature;
    // Define new line style
    var selectedStyle = [{
        zIndex: 0,
        type: "Line",
        opacity: 0.7,
        strokeWidth: 16,
        stroke: "#FFFFFF"

  2. Then remember which feature is (or was clicked) so that it can revert to the normal style when antoher is selected

    var clickedFeature;

  3. Finally, add an event listener function to the display to fire when the mouse button is released revert the previous selection back to normal. If a feature was actually selected will contain it, and this can be used set it to the highlight style.

    // add event listener to pointerup
    display.addEventListener('pointerup', function(ev){
        // Restore default feature style
        // If a feature is clicked
            clickedFeature =;
            // Set new feature style if mouse clicks on a feature
            linkLayer.setStyleGroup(clickedFeature, selectedStyle);