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In this section, we'll explain the main Dashboard with the Project and Data Hub tabs and describe the available options. Then we will review a project and learn how to navigate between Layers as well as different views, such as Map view and Data view.



The dashboard is the main landing page after you log in and shows you a overview of all your projects. It contains a summary of your project with its settings and a small thumbnail of the map. You can also determine if it has been published.

If you have several projects, organizer functions appear that help you get an overview or search.

See the following video overview:

Data Hub

The Data Hub lists all datasets you can access and use directly in projects. You can narrow down the list by searching for a specific dataset and upload data as a new dataset.

You can also manage your data, upload new datasets, edit entries, delete complete datasets and download a file of the content stored in the cloud.

See the following video overview:


Map View

You can navigate the map using the mouse, changing the view by dragging the map and using the zoom control (or the mouse wheel) to zoom nearer or father away from the map. You can also search for cities and places by using the search bar.

See the following video overview:

Map Bookmarks

As your map becomes larger and the data more complex, you can switch between different pre-defined map views. In each project you can define your own location bookmarks and switch between them.

See the following video overview: