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Create datasets

Upload datasets

You can upload datasets from your computer for use in HERE Studio by adding them onto the map.

Click the + Add button and select one or multiple files from the system file selection dialog.

You can also drag and drop files directly onto the map. They will be uploaded and added to the map automatically.

See the following video overview:

Pick datasets

One of the benefits of having your dataset in the Data Hub in the cloud is to use them in more than one map. You can pick data from the list of available datasets and them to you map project.

Data is then shared between all map projects and changes to the data are reflected in each map project immediate.


Data and style are handled separately. All data is stored in the Hub but each project can define different styles even for the same data. You can also safely rename layers individually without breaking the link to the dataset.

See the following video overview:

Add empty layer

From the same dialog, you can also add an empty layer if you don't have any file data. Then you can then create and edit features as described below.

Feature and table view

You can look at and change the data content available for individual features by selecting them on the map. This shows a form to the left of the map with the values (and they keys).

The map is great to see data in it's geographic location. But sometimes you need to see the data in a table to understand the content. You can also change the data content, sort and look for data and add additional columns.


The table shows data from one layer or dataset. You might have to select the layer you want to see before you can switch to the table view.

See the following video overview:

Draw and edit geometry

See the following video overview: