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Simply go to - - sign up and log in.

Create a project

Next you probably want to work on your map project. When you first sign in you won't see any projects, so now is the time to create one.

You should give your map a good name and also a description, in case you forget later what you wanted to show.

You can also pick a basemap - the background on which your map will be drawn. There are a number of themes available (and more will be coming). Simply select one you like best for your project.

Create your content

To make your own map involves putting your content on top of it. That means you need a place to store that content. This place is often called a Layer and it can contain many Points, Lines and Polygons (they are collectively called Features ) that can be colored and styled. This way your map highlights what you want to show where you want to show it.

Think of a Layer as a transparent sheet that covers the whole world which you can draw on. Let's draw a small map for a local treasure hunt:

Load other content

An extremely powerful feature of Here Studio is that you do not have to create all the content yourself. A lot of open map data can be found on the web already when you search for it.

GeoJSON is a very common format for geospatial data. If you find something you like you can quickly upload this data into Here Studio and turn such a static file into a real live map you can change and update at any time.

For example you might want to highlight all the bike paths for the treasure hunt:

Share the map

There is a lot more you can do on the map, but let's assume you are in a hurry to send an invite to the treasure hunt to your friends because it's already tomorrow.

You can quickly get an interactive link to your map that can be easily shared via email, twitter or any messenger app. All you need to do is turn on publishing and copy the URL to Your Map.


Remember that you can share this map right now and still continue to work on it and make changes. No need to send a new URL - everybody will always see the most up-to-date map.

That was only a short overview - there are many more features of course. Follow the tour to learn more in-depth what you can do with Studio.