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Release notes for XYZ

Studio and Viewer Release 1.4

New Feature: try out a new map renderer! Tangram is now available for published XYZ Studio maps.


  • Tangram map renderer.
  • Re-ordering of geometries.


  • Along with the minimalist HERE map renderer, we have have new Tangram map renderer.
  • Tangram viewer provides new details like admin and street labels, as well as textures to the basemap.
  • You can now reorder your geometries.
  • Added two new basemap styles.


  • UX/UI improvements.
  • Under the hood, performance improvements.


  • Fixed an issue of district not being shown in cards and style groups for Microsoft building footprint data.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Studio and Viewer release 1.1.1

The XYZ Studio is all set to get you hooked on to the public datasets staring with Microsoft building footprint data.


  • You can now add Microsoft building footprint data to your project. You can also filter the data using tags.
  • You can add copyright information in your maps.
  • Studio login page just got interesting.


  • Most awaited Microsoft building footprint data (US and Canada) is made available in studio. You can filter the data using tags. You can also style them as you want.
  • Support for large datasets by using multiple space providers.
  • You can have your own copyright information to be shown in maps. You can anytime edit or delete them in project dashboard or data hub. ** Added a new basemap style which we call a spring basemap. 😉 Right in time for the spring. ** Unsplash images added to the studio login page. ** Small animations in side panel and project thumbnails.

🔨 IMPROVED 🔧 * UX for the plan details page of account dashboard. * Project dashboard thumbnails. * Other minor UI improvements.

🐜 FIXED 🐜 * Fixed an issue of multiple plans get overplayed in footer of studio account dashboard. * Other minor bug fixes.

Studio Release 1.0.2

This one's all about the improved user experience! We've also released fixes for usage statistics in account dashboard.

  • We've added more visual cues in billing section of account dashboard.
  • We've made copy changes in studio to reflect the term Database Storage everywhere.

🔨 IMPROVED 🔧 * UI/UX of Account Dashboard * UI/UX of Site Tour * Other minor UI improvements.

🐜 FIXED 🐜 * Studio account dashboard will now show accurate usage converted into percentage. Note: the usage isn't tracked in real-time, so your numbers won't change immediately as you are working with data in Studio. * You will now experience appropriate messages for your usage statistics. We have taken care of pay-as-you-grow users as well. * Other minor bug fixes.

🔮 COMING SOON 🔮 * Microsoft building footprint data integration with XYZ Studio

XYZ Maps 0.9.31 (2019-4-4)

🖍 Editor 🖍 * fixed: place drawingboard at the very top, regardless of link-layer's presence

🔘 Core 🔘 * fixed: only first tag is sent if url parameters are changed for SpaceProvider

🎛 Plugins 🎛 * added: support for 1024 pixel tileSize in MVTLayer

⚒ General ⚒ * workaround: (timing critical) in case of display got destroyed and listener is waiting for async execution.

🖥 Display 🖥 * added: UI support for expandable copyright information * added: trigger "resize" event on map resize

⚙ Common ⚙ * added: Map.forEach(...) * fixed: delete item in Set has no effect

Studio Release 1.0.0

We’ve reached version 1.0.0 and are GA (Generally Available) now! This release introduces an account dashboard as well as a new site tour to guide first-time users

TL;DR: - Introducing the Studio account dashboard, a place to view your plans and track your usage. - We’ve added tours to guide you through the Studio dashboard and project interfaces. - We’ve removed shapefile upload support, and now provide a link to a tutorial on using the CLI to upload shape files. - Feedback and issue reporting is now available in published projects.


  • We’ve added a site tour that will walk Studio newcomers through the dashboard, and another quick tour of their first project.
  • Introducing the account management dashboard! This new dashboard, which you can access by clicking on your username in the top right corner, is a visual representation of your plan usage. Usage is tracked in two ways: data storage and data transfer.
  • If you have multiple plans, you’ll see a list and some summary stats about your usage. You can click on an individual plan to view more specifics about usage associated with that plan.
  • If you only have one plan, you’ll be taken directly to the plan details.
  • Note: the usage isn’t tracked in real-time, so your numbers won’t change immediately as you are working with data in Studio.

📌 Special Bulletin: More info on Plans

Customers can now get access to HERE XYZ under a Freemium Plan.

This Freemium Plan entitles HERE XYZ customers to the following:
€/0 per month for 2.5GB of Data Transfer and 5GB of Database Storage. €/1 for every additional 100MB of Data Transfer.
€/$3 per month for every additional 5GB of Database Storage

Data Transfer means the movement of all data to or from the HERE XYZ service.
Database Storage means data stored by the HERE XYZ service.
Learn more at


  • There is now an option in published projects allowing anyone to provide us with feedback or report an issue.
  • Improved error messaging for file uploads.
  • We’ve removed shapefile support from Studio file uploading, but added link to a tutorial for using the HERE CLI to upload shapefiles. The CLI can provide a more comprehensive approach for handling the unique requirements of shape files.


  • Fixed a bug where properties named “id” could not be used to create style groups.


  • Improved map performance for large Spaces.

Studio release 0.2.0

This one’s all about the tables! We’ve made improvements to the functionality and performance of our data tables in Studio.

TL;DR: While editing a project, the features you see on the map will be the features you see in the table view. Improved performance for inspecting large Spaces in Data Hub.

Coming soon: account dashboard and improved map performance.

✨ NEW ✨

We’ve strengthened the connection between what you see on the map and what you see on the data table. When you are editing a project, the features that are currently visible on the map will be the features available on the table. This will help you narrow down the features you are working with on the table, and will also improve Studio performance.


We’ve also improved functionality for inspecting your Spaces via the Studio Data Hub. For Spaces with a smaller number of features, you will continue to be able to search, add columns, delete rows and edit cells. For Spaces with a large number of features, we’ve introduced pagination and restricted some functionality, which improves the table’s overall performance.


Feature property values are now being saved as the correct type (for example, as a number if it is a number) after edits and for new additions (new columns and new features).


Account dashboard: a place to manage your plan(s) and check in on your usage. Improved map performance for large Spaces.

Studio and Viewer release 0.1.18

Today we’re excited to introduce a new experience for mobile users and updated basemaps!

TL;DR: A new UX for mobile devices, Improved mobile UX for published projects, Updated basemaps, Studio dashboard view preference is now saved.

Coming soon: improved data loading, account management dashboard

✨ NEW ✨

Now you can manage your projects on the go! We’re introducing a new Studio experience for mobile devices. You can view your project dashboard, adjust project settings, and easily view your published maps.


We’ve also updated the mobile experience for published maps, making it easier to view feature cards alongside the legend panel that was introduced in our last release.

Our basemap styles have received a polish, and they’re looking spiffy. You’ll see the familiar color themes, but notice enhanced contrast for data visualization, as well as more detailed line work and road hierarchy across zooms.

As requested, your preference for list view or thumbnail view on the Studio dashboard is now saved.


A few fixes were made for feature editing in Studio.


Improved data loading, for a smoother experience when working with large datasets. Account management dashboard, for checking up on your data usage.

Studio and Viewer release 0.1.17

The XYZ Studio team is back with some new features that will help you tell even more compelling stories with your maps!

TL;DR: You can now add a legend to your published projects! You can also add a title and description. There is a new, easy way to turn cards on or off for published projects.

Coming soon: improved experience on mobile devices.

✨ NEW ✨

At long last, legends! You can now add a legend to your published project, which will show the symbol and name for each style group on your map. Preview your legend in Publish Settings, and if you like what you see, you can add it right then and there to your project. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are.

But wait, there’s more: In Publish Settings, you can also choose to add your project’s title and description to the published version. You can now easily turn off cards completely for your published project. If the Cards option is not selected in Publish Settings, feature information cards will not be shown at all in your published project. If you select the Cards option, they will show on click, with an option to view on hover, in your published project. You probably did not need that explanation of how checkboxes work.


You can now create style groups based on >= (greater than or equal to) or <= (less than or equal to) conditions. This improvement is guaranteed to make your new style groups >= all your previous styles. Style group symbols in the Studio side panel now more closely match the symbols on your map, rather than simply indicating feature type and color. Fancy!


An error that would occasionally be shown during the file upload process, despite a successful upload, has been fixed. Style groups based on Feature ID are now rendering correctly on published maps. Other minor bug fixes.


In our next release, we’ll be introducing an improved mobile experience. You’ll be able to log into Studio, view your projects, and access Publish Settings for your projects.

Studio and Viewer release 0.1.16

We are ringing in the new year with some exciting new features in Studio! We’re also trying out a new format for release notes, with the hope that it will be easier to understand the improvements and fixes in each release, and how they impact your use of Studio. Let us know what you think!

TL;DR: Create style groups to style data according to property values. Drag and drop a file to the map to begin uploading the file for use in that project.

Coming soon: options to display the project title, description, and legend in published maps.

✨ NEW ✨

You now have the ability to style the data on your map according to feature property values!

Where you once could adjust the style of the features on your map as a single group, there is now an option to add a new point/line/polygon style. This button opens a popup where you can define a style group.

You can also create a new group by clicking on a feature on the map, and then clicking the paint roller icon next to a property value in the sidebar. This will create a new group based on that property value, and you can always customize it further.

🗺 Example: Say you are working with a building dataset, and there is a “year_built” property. You could create a style group for features where “year_built” is greater than 1990. All features in the dataset where the building was built after 1990 would be included in the style group, and you can easily highlight these features on your map.

You can add on to rules using the “and” button to further filter the features included in the group.

🗺 Example: Using the building dataset example from above, let’s say there is also a property called “frame_material”. You could also click the “and” button to add “frame_material equals wood”, to include only wood-frame buildings built after 1990 in the group.

To adjust or delete a group, click the gear icon next to the group name in the feature styling interface.

When you have multiple style groups within a feature type (points, lines or polygons), you can adjust the order of appearance on the map by dragging the rule group up or down in the styling interface.

You can now drag and drop a file to the map in a project to begin uploading the file for use in that (and other) projects.

Dragging a dropping a file to the map will open the “Add data” interface, and once your file is done uploading, it will be auto-selected to add to your project— you just need to click the “Add 1 dataset” button.


We will soon be releasing new functionality that will provide the option to display a project’s title, description, and legend information in the published map. It will be a great way to help you tell a story through your map, and will show off all the cool new style groups you’ve created.