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Getting Started


If you are do not want to code to make a map or store your data, have a look at HERE XYZ Studio. It guides you through the steps of building your own maps - no coding required.


To use HERE XYZ Hub as a developer you need a couple of things that we'll explain below. For one, you want to be a HERE Developer to access any of our APIs (it's free, and no credit card required).

Next you probably want to have more control over what your doing. You can install HERE CLI to drive a lot of things right from your commandline.

If you are building a web application and want to show a map with your data have a look at our XYZ Map JavaScript as it was built to show and style Space data on a map.

To integrate XYZ data features into a mobile, web or server application you can make REST calls to the XYZ Hub APIs to work with data directly.

Become a HERE Developer

You need to become a HERE Developer to access the cloud-based APIs. Simply go to and select Get started for free to go with the Freemium offer (btw - no credit card needed).

Developer Overview

Get your appId&appCode

Once you are in, you need to generate an appId&appCode in the JavaScript/REST section of the project.

Developer Overview

A couple of seconds after you selected the Generate App ID and App Code button you should see both in the dialog. You can always get back to this, but now it's good time to make a note of both.

Developer Overview